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May 27, 2012

A Lone Stone in a Sea of Grey

Cross Rails

This Is Grate

Wooden Bench

Finding Beauty in Simple Things

May 26, 2012

Sleeping Owl @ the Metro Toronto Zoo

Boating in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Fishing for Bass in Waterford, Ontario, Canada

Churchhill Park in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

May 24, 2012

Another Great Design by Me- Venice, Italy

Big Wheel Keeps On turning in New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

Most Adorable Puppy to Ever Grace This Planet

Take an Active Role to Help Save Our Wildlife Today

Some Days Writer's Block Just Gets the Best of You

May 21, 2012

One Very Lucky Guy Here

Hello Everyone,
I am only 28 years old but looking back I realize that I have already had a lifetime's worth of adventure and experience.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to do so and see so much at a young age.  Hopefully, by me sharing these experiences with you it will inspire you to go out and see this great planet God blessed us with.
Dunring my travels across both North America and Europe I have experienced a lot of once in a lifetime opportunities. As I tend to stray from the beaten path.

Sometimes We all Feel Lost

May 20, 2012

Trickling Brook in Brantford, Ontario

Forest Floor

Making Maple Syrup Candy in Quebec, Canada

A bit about my travels

I have visited Italy 14 times in my life for over 1 year worth of time.  I took a lot of photographs in that time frame and have chosen to share a few with you.  As well, I have been to Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, and throughout both Canada and the USA.  In time I will share photos from all of my destinations but I am still in the process of loading them.  So, if you are patient you will be able to travel the world right here at RuRal Rooted.
I also have all sorts of DIY projects that are all my original creations I have came up with over the years and continuing future and more great recipes.  In between all of this wonderfulness will be my continuing exploration of my local community.  

Not too Many Places You Can Shop on a Bridge

May 19, 2012

Florence, Italy

Coliseum in Rome, Italy

Tower in Florence

Magnificent Italy

Villa Angarano, Bassano Del Grappa

May 17, 2012

My Name is Sammy and I'm Adorable

Strong Individuals Make Strong Groups

So, I begin yet another venture
Down the road less travelled.

The World's Biggest Debate

Many times in life I have debated
What is better coffee or chocolate?
The debate continues.

You Row My Boat

Let's jump in a boat and begin to row,
Where we will go I do not know
But let's just take out time,
And go real slow.

Can I help You?

May 16, 2012

Photoshop Graffiti


Endless amounts of time and money
Invested into devices that in return
Robbing others of time and money.

Airplane Passenger

How gracefully we soar through the air
No worries, no trouble, and no despair.


Watching us at all times
Borrowing our pennies
And stealing our dimes.

Upside Down

The world spins round and round,
So what was once right side up
Is now upside down.

May 15, 2012

No One Seems to Care

An old widow begger wanders the streets
Pleading and crying to everyone she meets.

Abandoned Rail Towns in North America

Abandoned tracks slowly rust with each rainfall.
As the memories of railroad towns wash away.

Hold Your Head High

Alone we walk the path of life
Full of misery, pain, and strife.

Soft Footed in PD, ON, CA

Psychedelic Palm Tree

Beached Whale in PD, ON, CA

Electric Palm Tree in PD, ON, CA

May 14, 2012


rotten apples fall
peppering the orchard floor
while children starve. 

Pop Up Showers

green moss replenished
heavy rainfall passes through
radiant forest.

Like A Rock in PD, ON, CA

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