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January 19, 2013

Poetic Rambling

Many fear the end of the world,
But my faith assures
I will be in a better place 
When all is said and done.

So, I hold strong
And do my best to fight
For good and what is just.

I am not a saint, 
I in no way resemble an angel,
I am but a mere peasant.

The more one struggles 
The more one is to gain 
I was lead to believe.

But if one never struggles
He has only true wealth
I once believed.

"You can't make an honest living,"
I have heard many times.

From the same folks who told me,
"Honesty is the best policy."

It can't be the best policy
If you are always guaranteed
The short end
Of the proverbial stick.

Than reflecting on life
I remembered Jesus
He was a humble carpenter.

He struggled everyday
Monetarily famished
Only to be crucified
On the short end of the stick
And there was nothing
Proverbial about it.

Recently I noticed
Jesus quite often is portrayed
As weak or even pathetic.

I don't know any 
Weak or scared people
Willing to be crucified.

What would Jesus Do?
A Christian catch phrase
And nothing more.

Yes, I believe in The Bible
No I do not go to church.

People don't go to church
To learn the Bible's teachings.
Otherwise, I would attend.

I don't want anyone's
Interpretation of a book or story
Unless you are Walt Disney
And this is The Jungle Book.

Louis Prima as King Louie
And Phil Harris as Baloo 
Make that movie memorable.

So, thank you
Walt Disney, John, Wayne, and Star Wars
And others who job it has been
To entertain us.

Whether we like to admit it or not
Unknowingly, celebrities have helped us 
Through some tough times.

These celebrities will fade away
With time there memories fade.

Will they face death
With confidence
And a strong believe
There will be light
On the other side?

Or when it matters most
Will there wealth let them down?

No one truly knows 
That is what makes it faith.

Just because it seems you have nothing now,
When the bell tolls
You just might find
You had everything you needed
After all.

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