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February 26, 2013

Thank You Loyal Fans and Casual Visitors

Well, I set what seemed to be at the time an unrealistic goal of 100,000 page hits in my first year as a blogger. Now, with only two months left to go it seems my goal will soon become a reality.
My popularity has continued to grow over the last ten months with a couple of inevitable stumbles along the way.
In fact, this month alone I am on pace to have over 27,000 hits and with these kinds of numbers I do not even know what I will be able to reach in my second year of attempting to take over the internet. My following on various social networks has recently also taken off. Facebook remains to be an on going challenge for me but I do believe the growing trend for the future will be for people to begin to pull away from Facebook as their source for social interaction as it continues to push itself into isolation.
My friends on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon I must say have been the dearest and most loyal to me and for that I send a special thank you to my fans and followers on these particular sites.
I have also been surprised by some the countries that have shown a great deal of interest in my site and posts. These countries include Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. I expected the majority of my traffic would come from the USA and I was right and I assumed Canada with a much smaller population would place second in the rankings.  Well, my fellow Canadians your #2 spot on Rural Rooted is going to be short lived because many European countries are going to over take you.
On one hand this is a little disappointing as I thought I would have a stronger following from my home country but the intention of this blog was not to necessarily hone in solely on Canucks but rather to share a glimpse of what my little piece of Canada is really like behind the scenes.
However, earlier this year i was ranked in the top 18000 websites in Canada according to Alexa and in the top 400,000 in the world. I also once came across a site that said I ranked 45th in my hometown of Brantford. When I first starting paying attention to these numbers I didn't even know what they meant. So I did a bit of research and found out that this was pretty impressive for a guy who still isn't sure why he started blogging. All this in my first year?
After discovering how I was measuring up in the world I decided to find out a little about why this is and how I can further improve and that is where I am today. My Alexa numbers have tumbled off the charts in the meantime and I am barely in the top 1 million these days and just inside the top 30,000 in Canada.
However, my daily hit count routinely clears 1000 these days and continues to grow almost daily.
I will be posting with regularity again soon but in the meantime enjoy my sporadic postings and old favourites here on Rural Rooted.
God bless.

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